What is a spiritual retreat?

At Inner Journeys we believe that a spiritual retreat will provide you with the environment and guidence to assist you in making gains in bringing your life into alignment with the inner knowing of your spirit or soul. To reclaim your life for personal growth and spiritual development.

Many of us “know” that how we are living our life currently is not sustainable long term. No matter what our individual reasons might be we “know” something is missing. We “know” we wish to make a long term change so that we might live our lives more fiully, with more joy and with love for ourselves and others.

Often in seeking what is missing we end up mounting a different horse on the same roundabout of life, all too often with the same results.

Participants in a spiritual retreat sponsored by Inner Journeys are guided by persons who have already been down that path, made the mistakes and who are truly advanced along the pathway towards “spiritual enlightenment”.

There are many different pathways to “spiritual enlightenment”. Our approach is to equip you with the tools you will need to experience true and sustainable personal growth. To reclaim a loving and purposeful life. This doesn’t entail great deprivations, meditating in caves, or any particular dogma.

Our focus is on supporting a spiritual retreat where you, as long as your are committed to making positive change, will not only gain immediately from your direct experience but take home with you techniques and knowledge that will assist you in having and living the life you want and deserve for ever.

To learn more about our spiritual retreats enter the Spiritual Retreats section of our site for detailed program information.