Reiki Retreats

Inner Journeys co-ordinates Reiki retreats to enable people from around the world attuned to Reiki II to come together to share in a four day healing intensive Reiki program and informal sharing and relaxation.

During a Reiki Retreat participants may experience significant personal healing on a deeper level and leap forward in their personal renewal and growth.  We select retreat locations for their privacy, peace and positive energy that provides a loving setting for a healing retreat.

Experience intense positive energy boosts, revitalisation and renewal amidst the peace and rural beauty of selected Australian retreat locations. Join with Reiki practioners from around the world to share the peace and beauty of a personal healing three day Reiki Intensive. Within a peaceful and loving environment the Reiki Retreat re-opens and deepens your channel for personal renewal and personal healing on both the physical and emotional levels. Previous retreats have facilitated personal renewal and positive development for all attendees. If you have ever participated in Reiki share groups and experienced the beauty and revitalisation of sharing Reiki, even for a short time, you may have had a glimpse of the personal gains a Reiki Retreat can help you to achieve. Bring balance to your life and awaken to your life’s full potential by opening your heart to life.

Participants come from many different parts of the world and there is a beautiful opportunity to not only share Reiki but friendship and experiences accross a wide range of cultures and age groups.

Inner Journeys makes no claims or judgements as to any particular Reiki lineage and the retreats are open to anyone who has been attuned to Reiki II.

Please e-mail us if you have any questions and/or are interested in participating in our next Reiki Retreat.


Retreat Facilitator

Greg Lawrence

Greg Lawrence

Greg Lawrence – Retreat Facilitator, Reiki Master & founder of Inner Journeys

For over 20 years, Greg has studied human motivation, travelled and worked in many regions of the world.

He has worked with major corporations in the UK, Europe, North America and Australia to design and implement corporate incentive and motivational programs. These programs have assisted individuals and corporations to improve their performance in their business lives and make a difference.

Greg is now able to blend the success of this experience and knowledge with techniques from various spiritual paths to assist workshop participants in their quest for improvement in their personal lives.

Both business and pleasure travel has drawn Greg to developing countries and regions throughout Africa, Asia, Australasia, North America, Caribbean and the Pacific and travelling in these regions has provided unique opportunities to meet and share time with many of their indigenous peoples. During his travels, Greg was able to invest in learning about the spiritual values and traditional cultures of many of the indigenous peoples he has met and in so doing, has developed a deep respect for their traditional connections with our world.

In some of the workshops Greg is able to introduce participants to a shared awakening gained from these peoples including lessons of nature, community, communication and respect for our environment whilst in others he is able to facilitate direct interaction between workshop participant and indigenous communities. Greg is a Reiki Master and continues to explore his own spiritual path to reawakening and full life.