Empower Your Spirit

Idyllwild California



Empower Your Spirit is seven days of a unique spiritual retreat inclusive of shared insights and guided spiritual inspiration and a very personal opportunity to reconnect with your life on all levels participation increasing your spiritual awareness.

This spiritual retreat is one where retreat host Dorien will help open the way for you to restore your wholeness and bloom.

Seven transformative days include:

For the Spiritual Body

Access and deepen your innate intuitive ability to “channel” guidence. Allow your real identity to effortlessly emerge as you experience the power of being. Connect with transending energy found in silence, stillness and solitude. a final ceremony of integration, a calling back of your spirit from anyone or anything that has had authority over you.

For the Mental Body

Daily sessions using “Tao Passages”, “The Way Home”, and “Unbound” (books authored by Dorien) to explore life centred ascension principles and their practical application in your own life. Anchoring ascended energy into physical reality through the use of sacred writing.

Creative counselling

Shifting the perspective from “personal problems” to “purposefull empowerment”. Meditative sessions – exploring a variety of traditional practises that encourage mental clarity.

For the Emotional Body

Earth awareness – attuning naturally to your own being within the mother earth.

Dream Work

Journaling and analysis.
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One of my deepest life experiences was session with Dorien. She helped me to see who I am really and in which direction I should go…She put in words everything what I felt inside but couldn’t see clear in my head. Thank you so much Dorien one more time . Tatanja

Retreats are arranged to fit both yours and Dorien’s schedule  please click here to email us.

I am happier and more content with what I already have. I have tons more energy to alter things that do not support me.  I am now more care-full of all. Light runs through everything, everyone. Loneliness is a choice based on a thought I don’t need to make. New energy, positive possibilities. I have always heard that when you are ready the right teacher appears. Dorien is right-on. What a gift this experience has been.
Judy – London

Dorien Israel – Retreat Host

Dorien Israel Retreat Host

Dorien Israel

Dorien Israel is a healthy, happy and wholly alive 62 year old woman. And the mother of a beautiful, conscious and self loving 30+ year old daughter. She is a channel, an author, dancer and sharer of the dream.

Fifteen years ago Dorien experienced a near death experience that presented her with the gift of being able to access direct guidance from the ascended realm and in 1984 she began to conduct spiritual awareness classes based on the book she wrote as a result of her experiences, Unbound. The Unbound material lead to her and her husband working and living in Asia; Hong Kong, and Japan.

Returning to the United States in 1993 she found herself in a state of severe alienation; unable to relate to the masculine western culture of consumerism, nor to the co-opted new age community. Suffering from what was diagnosed as a clinical depression, a condition that more than eight million women currently experience and Dorien started her “anti depressant days” This medication allowed Dorien to function, but she continued to feel a growing sense of separation; between her evolving spiritual self and that of the excess ego driven world which surrounded her.

During this time she received revelation in the form of her second book Tao Passages: The Way Home. Its supreme sense of simplicity, sufficiency and serenity gave her the strength necessary to make the tough conscious choices of faith over fear. In 1997 Dorien returned to Asia to live in Thailand and now lives both in Thailand and Idyllwild, leaving behind a consuming complexity which nearly cost her her sanity.

Dorien now lives a life that is congruent with who SHE IS and what she knows to be so. A life that is real rather than virtual. A life in harmony with the nature of reality, fully focused in present time awareness. Dorien believes that the Way she is living can be translated and transplanted back to your homeland and that you and she can find The Way Home Together.

A little more background on Dorien for those who insist:

Author of – “Unbound”: Spiritual Guide for Mastery of the Material World, “Tao Passages”: The Way Home, ” The Way to The One I Am”. Reiki Master, Meditation teacher (20 years), Kundalini,  Hatha yoga teacher (30 years),  Qi Gong teacher (20 years),  Aerobics teacher (20 years), Retired teacher, doer, over-achiever turned Sharer, Be-here, and Be-Leaver.

In my more than 25 years of experience in the crossfield of psychology, psychotherapy and spirituality I find it is rare to come across someone like Dorien Israel, who sees, writes and works with such clarity and wisdom.
Sitting with Dorien for just one session was extremly helpful and I thank Dorien of all my heart for what I got from that meeting. It will stay with me forever as the greatest of gifts.
Ziggy M. Buck
Psychologist, psychotherapist and yogi based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Retreat Cost & Booking

This is a one on one spiritual retreat where you will work individually with Retreat Host  Dorien either by yourself or with a partner who accompanies you.

Cost for this retreat depends on the number of days on retreat.  Reats can be from a long weekend to a week or more.  Your retreat will be individually tailored with Dorien.

As the dates are  mutually arranged to fit both yours and Dorien’s schedule  please click here to email us to discuss possible dates.

Retreat code for booking form – RTKH1

Retreat Location

A unique spiritual retreat with an opportunity to “Empower Your Spirit” and increase your spritual awareness in an idyllic location, Idylwild, California, USA or Koh Samui, Thailand, dependent on the season and Dorien’s location.

Idyllwild is nestled in the San Jacinto mountains with tall pines, sweet smelling cedars and Legendary rocks. The town has kept its “small town” atmosphere with locally restaurants and shops and lotsd of peaceful vistas to relax you.  Gain a vital new perspective on your life as you step beyond your own cultural conditioning and work on balancing mind, body, emotions and your spiritual awareness. This is a special space in which to experience the joy found in harmony with the sufficiency and simplicity of nature and in which to reconnect yourself with reality and the essential rhythms of your body and mind.

Accommodation in the retreat is NOT included, however, there is a full range from lodges to cabins available.

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Excerpts from the Books Unbound

The Truth that is yours is not some stagnant, unchanging body of information known thousands of years ago and frozen for all time. It is instead a truth that is being revealed to you during each glorious moment of your life; a wisdom that shall be found only in your willingness to embrace fully each day of life that is yours—moment by moment. Life is a living canvas; it cannot be made to your orders, planned, executed, or contained. Instead it is continuous, ongoing, dynamic, fragile in its appearance, but resilient and irrepressible in its reality. Be still; listen to the inner sounds.

Be disciplined; disregard your plans and expectations and freefall into the spontaneous moment and you will be rewarded with a life lived out of the intention to live. What else might you want—for those who fully intend to live shall never die. Tao Passages: The Way Home Trust your divine Nature;disentangle from external demands. The Tao is content to be itself,neither competing, nor comparing. In search of nothing, It finds everything exactly as it should Be. There is only one time in which It is essential to awaken. Now is the time, Here is the place, You are The Way.

Welcome Home. The Way to The One I Am I AM the Living Earth, the mystical matter into which eternal Life is wholly grounded. Through all that I AM shall you find yourself fully balanced.

I AM the Living Waters, a continuous stream of consciousness through which flows the changing tides of eternal Life. Through all that I AM shall you find yourself within the current of creation. I AM the Living Air, filling your lungs to capacity inhaling the essential breath of eternal life. Through all that I AM shall you find yourself divinely inspired. I AM the living Light dispelling all darkness and delusion by the sheer brilliance of Being. Through all that I AM shall you find yourself accurately reflected.


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