Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth and spirituality has different meanings for each person. Inner Journeys believe that the basis for spiritual growth and personal spirituality lives within each of us.

Too often we deny our own spiritual growth by allowing our concious mind to operate from belief systems without even questioning whether these decisions are serving us well.

Deep inside we “know” and we feel that we need to change but deny those feelings and look for spiritual growth as an outside ourselves solution.

Often in seeking what is missing we end up mounting a different horse on the same roundabout of life, all too often with the same results. looking for spiritual growth as something someone else can give us a majic answer to.

Take time for yourself at a spiritual retreat where with a nurturing environment and loving guidence will assist you in finding your own method that best serves you.

Bring your life into allignment with the inner knowing of your spirituality and take time to listen to your spiritual self.

The spiritual retreats we sponsor are led by persons who are truely advanced along the pathway towards “spiritual growth” and personal “spiritual awareness”.

Each spiritual retreat will equip you with the tools you will need to experience true and sustainable spiritual growth and reclaim a loving and purposeful life.

To find out more about Inner journeys retreats visit our Spiritual Retreats page.