North Thailand Hilltribe Healers Tour

Unique north Thailand travel experience.  Be welcomed into villages and meet shaman and healers whilst experiencing North Thai hilltribe villages in ways few others every have the opportunity to.

Whether you are a healer or just have an interest in other cultures this vacation is a once in a lifetime experience you will not want to pass up.


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During your journey you will be able to:

  • Experience the stunning natural beauty of North Thailand.
  • Visit the remote hill tribe villages of several different tribes.
  • Meet and talk with hilltribe shaman.
  • Meet and talk with hilltribe traditional healers.
  • Learn about traditional herbal medicines and healing practises.
  • Visit Buddhist Wats (temples) and talk with the monks.
  • Experience a traditional herbal sauna.
  • Share a meal or two in a hilltribe village.
  • Experience a Thai cooking class and share the meal you cooked.
  • Experience a two hour Thai massage.
  • Shop for handicrafts in villages.
  • Shop and explore the famous Chiang Mai night market.

Click here for North Thailand Hilltribe Healer’s itinerary, inclusions and tour costs.

You will meet your hilltribe hosts on a person-to-person level to share knowledge and experiences and because of the special relationship our guides have established with the hilltribes, you will have the opportunity to meet with and talk to hilltribe community members in ways few other visitors’ experience.

You do not need to be a healer to be welcomed with genuine pleasure as new friends into the hilltribe villages and Wats (temples).

Your North Thailand hilltribe tour visits remote villages whilst you travel in comfort. Whilst on tour all of your travel needs will be taken care of by our experienced travel guides and you will travel in comfortable vehicles and each night stay in local resorts or guest houses chosen specifically for your comfort.

Tasty Thai meals are included whilst you are on tour, altered to accommodate western taste (mai sai prik – no chilli), and breakfasts include western food options and of course the freshest of available fruits for which Thailand is famous. At selected hilltribe villages we will share a meal with the villages in a traditional setting.

Our next tour departs from Chiang Mai – IJNT7 – 27th August 2012.

Click here for North Thailand Hilltribe Healer’s itinerary, inclusions and tour costs.

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