Himalaya Spiritual Journey

For a spiritual holiday of a lifetime, join our guided Jeep Safari Group Tour to the mystical hidden valley of Spiti in the North Indian Western Himalayas. 18 nights/19 days

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Entrance to Spiti Valley

Entrance to Spiti Valley

Driving through the spectacular western Himalays of north India following the ancient Silk Trade Route to this Tibetan Buddhist Refuge. Described by the famous English writer, Rudyard Kipling, as,” land where the Gods must live,” and “A world within a world” the Spiti valley, with its ancient and sacred monasteries dotted amongst the stunning landscapes of this high altitude desert, is definitely one place to make your spirit soar.

Once part of the Greta Guge kingdom of western Tibet, this remote region is nowadays part of India, however ethnically and culturally it is Tibetan.  Historically the Spiti valley has been a spiritual and cultural centre of great importance within the Tibetan Buddhist Traditions and where His Holiness The Dalai Lama has expressed his desire to retire.  Barriers, high mountain passes closed by snow during the long winter months cutting off the valley from the outside world, and man made as the Indian authorities have only allowed tourists into the valley since 1995,  have ensured an authentic preservation of these spiritual traditions, as though in a living museum. Book Tour

The spiritual traditions in this valley are preserved, in some instances they are stronger than Tibet itself which has suffered tremendous changes to its cultural heritage since the Chinese occupation of 1949. These traditions are evident in the simple lifestyles of the Spiti villagers, as well as the many splendid monasteries with their exquisite clay sculptures and mesmerizing religious murals and Thangka paintings. Some of these monasteries date back a thousand years and were established by the great founders of Tibetan Buddhism Padmasambhava and Rinchen Zangpo.

Highlights of our experiences & stay in the Spiti Valley:

  • Visit important Tibetan Buddhist monasteries
  • Join Tibetan monks for teachings, chanting and prayer
  • Experience home stays with the hospitable Spiti villagers, allowing us to directly contribute to the local economy and gain culturally enriching insight into their lives.
  • Hike ancient village trails
  • Enjoy Yak Safari( optional)
  • Experience breathtaking scenery and photo safari opportunities including natural wonders the Tibetan wolf,  Himalayan blue sheep and the elusive and endangered snow leopard
  • Sample delicious Tibetan cuisine
  • Hunt for fossils (ammonite)
  • Meet Bhunchen Lamas (Tibetan warrior monks, similar to the Shao-lin monks of China, their numbers have greatly depleted over the years and are now found in only one pocket of the Spiti valley)
  • Shop for distinctive hand made souvenirs (the distinct culture of this remote region makes it a great place to pick up a unique souvenir or two)

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Between Ki and Kibber

Mountains near Ki

After the stresses of modern western life the serene lifestyle of the Spiti locals will make a deep impression on your mind. your journey to this, “ Shangri-La,” will take you from the plains of India and Delhi, where you will take in a cultural sightseeing tour of the world heritage listed historical monuments and then on to the Himalayan hills and the town of Shimla,  summer capital of India during the British Raj.  Here your guide will show you the famous landmarks before you climb aboard the world heritage listed, “Toy Train”  for a slow ride through the mint green hillsides.

On leaving Shimla, you will head out on the exciting Silk Trade Route to the Tibetan borderlands and your adventure truly begins, as you explore the fascinating and remote Himalayan towns and villages along our journey.

demons festival at tabo

Demons festival at Tabo

You will visit ancient hilltop forts and rare Hindu wooden temples and enter alpine green valleys to be mesmerised by the scenery around us.  Visit the famous,” Gieu Mummy to see the mummified body of a Buddhist monk, over 600 years old, where it is claimed that the hair and nails are still growing).

From the Spiti valley you will head to the popular hill station town of Manali, here you will be able to visit the world famous art gallery of the Russian mystic and artist, Nikolai Roerich before returning to Delhi for your flight home.

On this tour you will have the opportunity to experience the spirituality of nature and ancient Buddhist teachings.

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