About Us

Inner Journey’s Philosophy

Inner Journeys facilitates spiritual retreats for individuals, teams and organisations in sharing unique journeys of spiritual awareness in their quest for growth.

In partnership with our indigenous hosts We have unique overseas adventure travel journeys visiting the traditional healers, shaman and spiritual leaders to learn of their culture and spiritual paths.

We have deliberately chosen to use the Nautilus shell as our logo because of the important lessons it can teach us about our own lives, both personal and in business. When the Nautilus first hatches a tiny baby mollusc fills the shell and then as it expands builds a new chamber to accommodate its new growth. As it grows and moves into the new bigger chamber it seals off the old but remains connected to it by a small tube, the siphuncle. This process is repeated over and over again and a single Nautilus may have built as many as 30 chambers in its lifetime.

The Nautilus provides us with a wonderful example of our own life cycles and continual development. As we look back on our lives we see the many tiny chambers we have outgrown and our challenge is to live successfully in our current chamber while constantly building our next. Just as each chamber of the Nautilus is connected so are the chambers of our lives representing our learning and experiences. We all should consider the Nautilus. What chamber are you currently building in your own life? Your family life? Your team’s life? Your organisation’s life? Are you or have you been able to access “your” previous learning and experiences?

Have you listened and acted on the “small taps” reminding you to bring your personal spiritual life, business life or both back into balance?

Inner Journeys is committed to working with those who have chosen to make deliberate choices to expand and enrich their spiritual lives through opening of the door to spiritual growth and balance.